New editor look

You might be thinking, this is just another suggestion the make the Snap! editor look like Scratch 3.0, and it is, but I fixed some of the things the Snap! developers dislike about the Scratch 3.0 editor, which are:

  • The editor is too bright

  • The blocks are too big

  • The editor is too babyish

So, here it is!

I also put the current Snap! and Scratch 3.0 editors here so you can compare.

I might also make mock-ups for the paint and sound editors.
(Sorry if the mock-ups are bad, I'm not very good at that kind of thing.)

sorry, but

  1. too dark

  2. I don't like how you can scroll completely to another category

  3. I don't like how categories are on the sidebar

  4. what is gobo doing here it should be alonzo

  5. why is there an extensions button

  6. why is there a tutorials button

  7. why is there an edit button

  8. why is there a backpack

  9. why is there no trash button

  10. why is there a point towards block after the glide block

  11. where is single stepping button

  12. where is the cloud button

  13. why is the text "other" and "Pen" bigger

all of this tells me:

  1. you just made the blocks smaller, changed the logo, and darkened it.

  2. you did most of it from an extension. (I think it's made by griffpatch who is on scratch)

  3. you made an image of the "other" category and pasted it onto the my blocks one

  4. you made an image of the "pen" category and pasted it onto the events one

  5. why is the lists category its own category

  6. why is the pen category in the wrong place

  1. I lightened it a little.

  2. I'll redo the Categories to make them more like Snap!

  3. I'll redo the Categories to make them more like Snap!

  4. Done!

  5. The libraries will get moved there.

  6. Fixed!

  7. That menu would include things like Turbo Mode, trash and Stage size.

  8. I thought it would be cool to add backpack support.

  9. It would be located in the edit menu.

  10. Because that's the order of the blocks in Scratch 3.0.

  11. I thought it could be in the edit menu, or I could put it where it is right now.

  12. There's no need for it since the "See project page" and the account button in the top-right corner are there.

  13. Fixed

And the other questions:

  1. Yes.

  2. Yes.

  3. Just the text.

  4. Just the text.

  5. Because it makes scene.

  6. I didn't notice.

uh–no! this is much better.

the problem is, snap has so many settings, and now since the text is bigger, it could go all the way down to the bottom of the page + more!

Snap has a light mode, which looks a lot more like Scratch 3 than Scratch 1.4, which is what Snap's design is based off.
On on a project in edit mode :gear:,:white_check_mark: "Light Theme".

I use that already, and this mock-up is a lot better.

I like the mock up - its a good shot at how Snap! would probably look like if it was forked from Scratch3 :slight_smile:

I updated the mock-up.

i like it. it's almost like a mash-up of the snap editor and scratch editor :smiley: I'd love to see more of this in snap.

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