Neural Network with Snap!

See My shared projects at ::

  • Select 4 -Shared projects
  • Load any of 3 projects in the last line : 00-matrix, 01-nnewgood, 01-mnist
    Enjoy !

Yknow there's a publish button, so you don't have to make snap project lists anymore...

Please Can you tell me more ? I'm not familiar with the "new" Snap! site.
How can I publish ?


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the project
  3. click publish

You have to click 'share' first, though.

Thank you , I have finally found the solution..
Have a look at my projects under "xleroy " (if possible ???)

Another way: in the editor, click file, open, select the project to share/public, and the buttons are at the bottom of the dialog.

I've just published my DeepLearning demo under xleroy/DeepLearning