NetsBlox is spamming me

NetsBlox is sending me emails, all I pressed was "Link Snap! Account" when I was watching a lightning talk about NetsBlox on Snap!Con

and you can't unlink your account?

Net blox seems kind of sus.

It's an official (or not?) extension created by @brollb (sorry for the ping) which is open source. I'm sure the devs are friends with the Snap! team.

We don't really (yet) have "official" extensions. But yes, they're good friends, even though some of their funding is from the NSA... (to build K-12 security curriculum).

I'll pass on the complaint about emails.

Let's just hope that nothing bad happens...

The word "sus" is "suspect". āļžmong Us

we know

Uh, why does it seem like there are 7 replies and no one has tried to solve my problem?

I did: I forwarded your message to Akos and Brian. WIth luck they'll get around to answering...

Eh... I don't think its really a "problem" its only like 2 welcoming emails, But still, how is it welcoming if you already have an account for snap(You really didn't have to forward it to him :slightly_smiling_face:)

Well, you said "spamming" in the title, and I took you seriously.

Nope, Just delete that email already.

Umm, you can't delete email once you've sent it. :~/ Don't worry though.


Sorry for the trouble. Just to be clear, the email in question is the initial email when a new account is created, right? NetsBlox shouldn't send you any emails outside of password reset emails and, optionally, forum updates if you opt into them. There might also be a welcome email when you first create an account but I would have to double check.

For a little more context on why you received the email, when you use the "login with Snap!" feature, a NetsBlox account is created for you on the first login. As the Snap! account is only used for authentication, a NetsBlox account is needed for saving projects, collaborating with others, among other features. If you want to unlink the account, that is certainly possible from the cloud menu using the "Unlink Snap Account" option.

Sorry for any confusion! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help (such as unlink and delete your account for you).