Nest boxes

This bit of fluff will next a tree of sprites 'inside' each other, if they are about the same initial size.

It wasn't clear to me how to make it do anything interesting.

What to say? It’s not interactive, and maybe only of interest to me. In UML statecharts, the states are shown nested within each other, not as trees. This is just a piece of that display mechanism I’m working on.

Ah, I see. I was looking for 200 nested boxes and not seeing them.

They get really tiny

Do you know about Boxer? This reminds me of it.

Yes. I got excited about it at the time, but a) personal computing resources were limited, and b) making a living was taking up a lot of time. Had to content myself with Rocky Mountain Basic and programming coordinate measuring machines, which was a lot of fun.

In school, I helped tutor a class which used Abelson and diSessa's Turtle Geometry for parts of the course, a really fantastic approach. We were using C-64s and a few Macs.

Wow, you went to a great school!

San Diego State. There were a few in the Math Ed dept that were into that and that was the direction I was heading before a few unexpected left turns.

Oh, that kind of school! I thought you meant a high school. Still impressive, though.