Need to practice multiplication? This is the project for you!

I made a project called Times For Times Tables, and it's literally just that!
Times For Times Tables!

I have already mastered multiplication, it's just the division I hate the most XD

The bright side is once you master multiplication, division is pretty easy. After all, multiplication and division go together!

In fact, I'm planning in adding a feature so you can do multiplication OR division.

There! Division is ready to go!

New mode! You can take a speed test to see how many questions you can answer in _ seconds!
(Note: _ Means something you chose.)

Nice! I needed this since my multiplication skills are so bad!

Hey, if you want to, you can take it to the max and do multiplication with NEGITAVE numbers!

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Welcome to the forums!

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Thanks! :grin:

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yor welcome

Multiplication with negative numbers aren't much more difficult as multiplication with positive numbers. They're exactly the same thing except whether the product has a negative sign in front of it is dependent upon which two multipliers are negative. (And why is the first number called the "multiplicand"? If multiplication is associative it doesn't matter) (I totally forgot what you call the inputs to a multiplication problem so I had to search it up)

Here's a truth table describing when the product would be positive (+) or negative (-).

fac1 fac2 prod
+ + +
+ - -
- + -
- - +

It's an XOR. Hey, maybe you could put this in your multiplication product i mean project (assuming it isn't there already). This isn't relatively difficult to learn. If both are the same then the product is positive, otherwise it is negative.

(also @twilighttherainbow instead of saying the same thing twice in a row but replying to different people, you can just say it once and mention both people you are talking to)

I haven't actually looked at the project until now but I have something to say, when it was asking me for the configuration I was confused on what they meant. So I wasn't sure what minimum or maximum was exactly (is it the min/max of inputs or min/max of the product?) or what the number of seconds meant. (is it the number of seconds before it ends or the number of seconds i have to answer a question before it moves onto the next one?)

You should be more descriptive about these descriptions. I think it'd be best for you to put more information in the project notes. In case you don't know, to edit project notes you click 🗎 > Project notes... in the top bar. I don't want to have to spend time getting the text document icon so when I refer to that button in the topbar I will say "File". I will say "Cloud" and "Settings/Preferences" for the other buttons.

Oh,okay thanks!

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