Need multiple timers? Here's a solution!
The project is above. It contains blocks to create new timers and get them as well. It also has a cloud feature so you can use the timers across multiple projects! It also has a password for security reasons. You would surely not want anyone who isn't you using your timer without permission. The timer is super precise as well. But you can easily round it with the [scratchblocks]round() :: operators :: reporter[/scratchblocks] block. Let me know what you think!

Me obviously for the backend of this.
Joecoodoo for the inspiration to use Replit DB. I didn't even know it existed.

Could not fetch collections for project Timer Alts
This project does not exist or is private

I'm sorry. It should work now.

Why the password? It can still be stolen easily.

To be honest, it's more for people using it in their own programs outside of Snap!

Extra timers are cool, but I don't like the cloud storage. It would be better to use a (subscription based) cloud variable to store the time when it starts, and then compare that to the current time locally. Additionally, the password does nothing, since it can be read from the project.

This is why I'm asking for environmental variables.

What are environmental variables? Do you mean being able to read environment variables from the operating system, because that isn't possible within a web browser?

Ok. That explains what enviromental variables are, but they still cannot work securely. Some applications, typically games, have security by obscurity, which is where keys are hidden by the fact that they are closed source. Snap is open source, and is not even compiled, meaning that even this weak security cannot exist.