Need help with windows.h library in c++

Just saying, I'm not mad or have murder intentions, the title is there to make my post stand out a little.

So, before I ask any questions, I'd like to ask one HUGE question: Is it okay to post about anything other than Snap! on the #compsci:related-sciences part of the Forum? That would be great to know if I can because is blocked for me.

Second of all, I need help with the windows.h library. I want to connect up a Micro:bit, Arduino, or Linkbot (Let's just say Linkbot for now because I'm learning that in STEM Class) to my computer and use it as a mouse.

For the Linkbot, I'm using ch made by softintegration and UC-Davis, and I'm using the


library so I can access all things Linkbot-wise.

For the cursor, I can just use the


library with the

SetCursorPos(0, 0);
GetCursorPos(setx, sety);


However, the thing I'm struggling with is just getting the Screen Size. And from the looks of it, some people have been posting HARD code online which is not only hard to understand (hence "HARD") but also redundant. There's got to be an easier way.

It's a matter of degree. It's fine unless this becomes a branch of stackoverflow, attracting users who have no interest in Snap! but are interested in other things that happen to be discussed here.

Your particular question, which has nothing at all to do with Snap!, is unlikely to get a good answer here; you must really be desperate to ask it here.

That is very true.

Alright, maybe I'll give the C++ Discord out for a try. See if they can help me. I can't find anything on StackOverflow. And you know about StackOverflow - people LIKE good questions. Not things you can easily Google Search for.

(And since some people don't know where they can find it even WITH a Google Search, they get stumped).

I found this post:

This should work assuming you have access to the hWnd (which I think is a window handler)

Thank you :)

I feel like this question gets asked a lot. Does it merit a FAQ?

No, my answer was too vague; it only makes sense in the context of this thread.

I meant like a modified version.