Need help with the cut and paste block

Just joined this site so i figured i'd use the turtle to recreate something pretty simple I made in scratch (Analog clock with pen) My project: Snap! Clock[WIP] (

I have it draw a circle, then draw the hands, but the clear block will always erase the circle, i couldn't put it in the forever block with the hands since it takes a couple of seconds to draw. I gave this cut and paste block a go, but it doesn't seem to do all that much. Can anyone help me out with it?

Drawing lines and then trying to erase them by redrawing over them is going to give you issues

I think an easier approach is to create 3 sprites - one for each hand

Then set their pivot point to one end and rotate them

Just warp the script to get instant results
Clock script pic (2)

Ahh i forgot to save. That was my first attempt I did start using the clear block instead of drawing over them :face_exhaling:

gonna give the warp block a go i had no idea you could do that :DD

That worked!! tysm!!

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