Need help with removing the default skin

Hey is there a way to remove the default turtle skin from a sprite, if there is please answer fast its for a project

You don't have to use the turtle costume; in particular, NEXT COSTUME will never choose it.

Maybe switching to an invisible 1x1 costume would do what you want?

If what they want is for the sprite to be invisible, they can just use HIDE. :~)

I'm struggling with my psychic powers in guessing need of OP :slight_smile:

Hide would still leave the turtle costume visible


{Welcome to the forums :smiley: } You cannot remove costume ,,turtle'' . Sprite can't haven't costumes, so why we have costume ,,turtle''. If you want to have a empty costume make a new sprite without add anything.

No problem :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes they can, you can draw costumes in the Snap! paint editor or import them my dropping image files onto the webpage.

yeah, but their called costumes, not skins, well I guess you could call them skins...

I corrected

Welcome to the forums, @fearless_gallant!
Unfortunately, there is no way to change the turtle sprite into something else.

I think that, even though you know what you mean, you're expressing it confusingly. There's no "the turtle sprite"; every sprite has a turtle costume, along with any other costumes you give it. (By the way, Jens doesn't think of the turtle costume as a costume; he thinks it's more like the sprite's birthday suit.)

So there's no need to show the turtle costume; you can choose a different one.

But I think the original poster was also ambiguous in explaining what they want: is it an invisible sprite, as @cymplecy thinks, or a differently costumed sprite?

I think of the turtle costume as the sprite without a costume on.

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