Need help with a touching x: y: block

Hello, I was testing out Snap*!* and for some reason needed a touching x: y: block, so I made one. Or at least tried to. The coding seems kinda shoddy in my opinion. How can I make this work? Can someone help me out?

The my block in the Sensing category includes left, right, top, and bottom. They are the current left-most and right-most x-coordinates and the top-most and bottom-most y-coordinates of the sprite. You can use this so that you don't have to create a clone.

Ok, I got it to work, but not with the methods listed above... You can see it here.

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks)

Thanks for the help anyways!

Nice! I like your strategy to create an ad-hoc single pixel costume and use that for regular collision detection.

Just so you know, the next Snap! release is going to accept 2-item list points as inputs to the "touching" predicate primitive in the sensing category, so you'll be able to do fun things like this:

detect touching a coordinate

Oh, cool!

Also, here's an updated link if anyone needs it:

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