Need help repairing a project file; it should be easy

TL;DR I need help repairing the .xml save file for a big game I'm working on. It will be easy if you know how snap project save files work, and you will be credited + given early access to the full game when I complete it.

Hi, my name is ch__. I have been working on a big snap project for the past few months, but just 2 days ago the game's cloud save got a little bit corrupted which made the whole game unloadable.

I tried modifying the game's .xml file for a bit myself, but unfortunately I couldn't find my own way to completely uncorrupt it. I believe the issue is just one or two small formatting errors in the file from what I've seen. I have my own backup of the game from 5 days ago, but I had made a bunch of progress on the game from there until the corruption, and so if someone else could fix the corrupted version of the game (assuming it's easy) it would be super appreciated.

It will especially be easy if you know how snap projects are encoded into the text seen in an xml file. However, I'm already working on restoring progress from the working backup, so if it can't be done, that's totally fine too.

If you fix it, your name will be put in the game's credits for all to feast their eyes upon, and I might even give you early access to the full game once I complete it. (Trust me, It's gonna be really good.)

Anyways, here's the corrupted xml if you'd like to fix it: (And thank you for doing so!)

have you tried loading a previous version from the cloud? To do that, click open, find your project, click on it, then click recover. You might have a save from before the file got corrupted.

Good idea, but I loaded all the backups the cloud had and all were corrupted.

Well, at least you had a local copy. I don't think the corrupted files can be fixed.

Bad news 1st - haven't fixed it

Good news - I've stopped it giving errors in an XML validator

But the project only seems to contain 3 sprites - is this true?

And can you post a link to your older working copy please as that would help in trying to work out corruptions in the later file

Unfortunately, the game does have more than 3 sprites. I'm also noticing that one of the sprites with a lot of important code is missing, so I don't think this will work... however thank you for trying!

In case you do still want to continue, I'm going to put the link to the backup in another forum post (I can't put the link in this reply)

There's about 2000 lines missing from the corrupted one so not going to get a good result I feel :frowning:

I've merged in Field Music and Base from the corrupted one in case that's of any use

ProjectName=AMG2 3-13-22 backup merged with corrupted

Learning snap XML does pay off after all!


That is a base64 code for data urls.

I don't think a bunch of As should be right.

I don't think so either.

"it should be easy"

IS THAT AN ORDER FOR US?! It's kind of rude to say "it should be easy" when you're asking for help. We're using all our skills and resources to explain.

It's a part of sound data containing a stream of bytes = 0 (silence ???) at the end. Nothing obviously wrong here... besides the lack of built-in compression in the WAV format. :slight_smile:

<sound name="AMG2 Scroll" sound="data:audio/wav;base64,


No, I think they're just saying "It should probably be easy to fix, thanks for your help!"
No need to yell.

Can confirm