Need help plz: End detection of a a bunch of launch block

In this project, i want to know if it is possible to detect the end of launch block

i put a launch block in a for loop and the effect is beautiful. I want to know if it is possible to detect if all the launch block in this for loop are terminated before i pass to another animation. Presently, i put a wait (2) secs block but it's not accurate...

how i can wait the end of the execution of all launched blocks ?

you could use my parallelization library

i will try it

i need help

i want to create a list of actions to run it in parallele

1st, i try this:
and i got this:

2nd, i try this with same result:
and i got:

To put a block in a list, i need to ringify the block
When i ringifi the block: it rignify the var against the value of the var

A way that I've found (and used many times) is to use script variables. I creat a scipt var outside the launch lock, then I just set the var to a specific value at the end of the launch block, which I also check for outside the launch block. Here's an example

This script waits until both launch blocks have finished.

Need help plz !

Would this type of method work for you?

That's it !

Thank you !

The old-fashioned "call with inputs" and ring^2 :slight_smile:
untitled script pic (16)

= "ring raised to the power of 2"?

I haven't seen a "grey ring raised to the power of 2" used in a script, yet.

Wow. Have you just invented this (or have you seen this before somewhere else)?

I'm not sure, but i've already used some form of this idea ...

I don't want to run the code, i want to run the code and wait...

I've try 2 different approach, nothing is working...

the 2 approach are at the end in the project

Can you help me plz

Thank's in advance !

Combined with @'ego-lay_atman-bay solution it can be done this way

The "for" loop should be "warped" to allow reliable "done" semaphore handling but it will destroy the expected visual effect: Snap! 7.0.2 - Build Your Own Blocks

Thk's i will try it for sure

It works

It works ! thank you so much !

Thank you !

Your second approach also works

it execute only the last one

"do in parallel" does not yield and all actions are started at once.
Every "360 deg..." starts at the same angle and draws over the shorter lines.
With, non-warped, "for" loop, actions are started successive one by one with a slight delay, forming the fan blade shape.