Need help making my script faster...

I have a small platformer script at
I was going to make an animation script, but I noticed that when I changed the scripts from an unsynchronized bunch of forever loops to a set tickloop, it ran very slow.
My script could probably be optimized a lot with special Snap! magic, but I just came from Scratch and I'm not used to that. If you would have a moment to look it over, could you please help? Thanks in advance!

BTW you move with WASD and can wall-jump. Shoot grapple hook by clicking, release to unhook. Press Q to zip to hook.

just use the standard forever loops, your code was probably designed for those in particular.

Maybe. I would like to have control over which ticks run first, though...
In Scratch, it goes by whichever script was last edited, and it runs fast enough for a tickloop. Without a tickloop, things might go out of order.
I'll try it for now, if things get hairy later, I'll re-mention this...

Wait a second, can you adjust the tickspeeds?

If so, just make the tickspeed faster.

What do you mean?
I have a forever loop with broadcast [tick] in it. And then everything running on [tick] run every tick. I want to have a pretick and posttick (it would be helpful to warp proccessing ticks and have only one graphic tick) but it's too slow at the moment.

Prefer smooth animations --> False