Need help for school project!

What's problem you are encountering?
My project runs with quite some lag and I have to present it to class tommorow on school computers so I need to get rid of the lag. Can anyone please help me with this? Project below.

What have you tried that didn't work?
Not much. Im not that advanced.

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

I bet that your issue is creating many clones very quickly. I suggest that you find a script that uses pen stamping instead of clones. I hope you can soon, a week isn't that long for that type of thing! (@~@ )
Unless you can find a tutorial for Scratch and copy it on Snap!.

Either that, or make the projectiles only clone themselves when a certain key is pressed.

That may be the main cause. However, it also struck me that @laulau made several wait loops, testing continuously for various conditions (“REPEAT UNTIL Start = y”, that sort if thing). These tests may (or may not - it’s really hard to say from just a quick look at the code) take a lot of processing time. Waiting for messages generally takes less processing time. If you must repeatedly test for a condition, consider inserting a WAIT block, with a hardly noticeable delay, like 0.1 second.

Yeah, that's also consumes a lot of FPS, and completely destroys the preformance.

0.1 seconds works, but I think a wait block with even no input (0) will work as well, because it still delays the script, and the delay is smaller than noticeable, so the project won't look like it's freezing up, or still seem laggy while it's running.

Thank you very much! The delay help quite a lot

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