Need explication for group by

Does i can group by multiple field?

my database (53000 records)

i want to "group by" country, year, month (colums 6,3,2 of the database)

no problem for only country:

i like something like that but it's not working:

just say yes or no, don't invest time in this, i have already a workaround but i want to be sure the response is no...

yes, it's a ring (a HOF)!

i can't figure how it's working.

what i should put here to group by columns 6,3,2

Help !

Bump! someone can help me plz !

Use this:

(map ((item (list [6] [3] [2]@addInput::list) of ⌸::list)@addInput::ring grey) over (database)::list)

EDIT: realized this wasn't what you were looking for.

@bh can you help me plz

jens say:

My question is:

thank's in advance !

It seems that "group by" needs a "simple" key.
Simple as List Tutorial script pic (1)
but to avoid some inconsistency with "join",
List Tutorial script pic (2)
List Tutorial script pic (3)

Thank's, that's already my workaround... it's working, but i don't like the output :
(watch the 1st column: json in this case...)

So, i created a new block:
i can expand the "column number" to add more columns

Here's the result:

you can try it in this project: (in the sprite my blocks)

Project not shared

Thank's: Done !

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