My TOTM Project: Basic HTML Parser and Runner

(does NOT require javascript)
This is a basic HTML runner I made. It includes:

  • p
  • h1 and h2 (more coming soon)
  • button
  • img (no width or height attributes because of a snap bug)
  • a (doesn't do anything on click)
  • <b> and <i> for text styling
  • and xmp

Cool project so far.

There was something weird though:
Screenshot 2023-12-16 18.38.23

oh yeah: i tried making a scroll and forgot to remove that script

Bug I just found: On the project page anywhere else except the editor, for some reason, clicking a button ruins the quality of the page

because its stamping a pen image that was already stammped and stamping lowers the quality of the image it lowers the quality

Oh. How come it doesn't do it in the editor?

magic it probably works slightly differently in the editor

huh, interesting

it does but its much less noticable because the editor stamp optimises quality



oh, how come?