My Snap! book was just published

I recently added a new book to my collection of books on Logo-like languages. The Snap! version is here.
I'd love to hear comments.

Book about Snap - sounds good!
Unfortunately, I have no time to read this book, but idea is so great and original (I never heard about Snap! book) :grinning:
Good job :+1:

No wayyyy! I'm for sure going to get it when I can.

I've ordered it last week from Amazon and got it the next day or so in Germany (!). Over the weekend I've read it cover to cover. I'm beyond delighted. I love the educational LOGO tradition and background your book provides, and also that it focuses on just one - albeit very powerful - theme, that of turtle geometry. It's a nice small book with lots of pictures, not intimidating at all, something you can pick up and decide to read in its entirety rather than picking only the parts that interest you. I found it very worthwhile reading all of it, your writing style is conversational but crystal clear, so both absolute beginners but also folks like me get something out of it. I especially enjoyed all the little introductory quotes at the beginning of each chapter and the connections to natural phenomena.

I was surprised - and thrilled - that you start with unconventional things like your "setup" script, and with showing how that can be made into a custom block which can be shared among projects. Not being afraid of explaining procedures, recursion and even dipping one's toes into Higher order Functions with your "flower" block makes this book an exceptionally great one among all the "introduction to coding" books out there.

As Jadga, Bernat and moi (we got our own copies each) were discussing your book amongst ourselves Bernat pointed out that your Sierpinski code looks somehow more complicated than seems necessary. But I was again positively surprised and delighted when I found out that you develop it out of the more general Koch curve example which you introduce earlier when you first explain about recursion. That was a really neat piece of pedagogy!

The end felt a bit abrupt to me. I kept turning the pages to see whether I'd overlooked something. Some guidance as to how to take it from there would be nice, perhaps for a second edition...

Of course I'm not impartial to all your flattering remarks about Snap, so of course I love the book. It is the gentle introduction to powerful ideas that has been sorely missing in the literature I'm aware of. I want to give a copy of this book to every teacher everywhere. Oh, and I'd love for it to be translated into many languages.

Thank you for a truly enlightening didactic little masterpiece!

YOU made it?! Wow!

You can publish books on Amazon? I didn't know that!

Ordered :slight_smile:

Me, too. Did it yesterday (after seeing Jens' post on Facebook about it).

My copy has just arrived :slight_smile:


Mine has, too.

Ordering mine today, hopefully.