My Sis Can't Log In Anymore

I let my sister borrow my computer to check out what was going on on the forums, and she told be her account got deleted or something. She doesn't really do anything on Snap!, she just likes being on the forums. Somebody help.

Maybe she has the wrong password.

No, her password is saved to chrome.

Sometimes, when you save passwords to Chrome and change them, Chrome won't know it and won't ask you to update your password. Maybe that happened? Otherwise, if Chrome did detect a password change, it would ask if you would like to update it. Maybe your sister pressed "keep old password" (or whatever it says). If she didn't change any passwords her account might've gotten deleted from inactivity if that's a thing.

I just asked her and she didn't change the password (It's the same as mine I think lol) It might have been inactivity because she has been busy with exams.

Ask the mods if removing accounts because of inactivity is a thing.


Hello? Anybody?

You shouldn't expect a reply within 11 hours, less than half a day. Some of us sleep sometimes. Don't be pushy.

If you email me her username and IP address I'll look into it.

No, we don't turn off accounts for inactivity, and if we ever decided to do that, it'd be more like five years inactive than like a month inactive.

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