My simple and buggy physics simulator P.A.N.S. universe

i've created a sand simulator that i hope to expand and have added it to P.A.N.S.
(Professor Alleyoop's New System for coding)
i would like some feedback on how its going so far
you need to go into the code to use it because it is in beta and is absolutely riddled with bugs
also you must note the limitations i have put on everything P.A.N.S.
everything has to be contained in one block
all assets must be created using code
how to run:
go into the code and click on the category "P.A.N.S. functions"
then drag out the P.A.N.S. universe block and run it
next go to variables and show the variable "current frame"
click on the category P.A.N.S. universe controls
grab the "set element at x y of frame block"
set any position in the frame to sand or gravel
watch it fall and pile up

let me know what you think

Uhhhh, I can't seem to do it.

follow the steps I wrote in the header post

just follow this

???? All I see is
pans-ai script pic

that’s it

Well, it just replaces the null in the table with "sand".

did you run the P.A.N.S. universe block

YES I did.

This is a cool project.

Try to draw the frame on the stage.

try clicking it again

I will
I’m just trying to get the physics stuff as well as an editor done first

and if that doesn’t work then I’ll post a video about how to use it and put a link here

Maybe you should set it up beforehand, so they don't have to figure it out.

wait i just realized you used the wrong block
scroll down and go to the P.A.N.S. universe control category and use this block
pans-ai script pic (1)

??? Imported from the script pic, but nothing. Not in block categories, NOTHING!

just search it

in block search

@borkmaster did it work for you
because I does for me