My read time has been stuck on 14 minutes

I've been on the forums for hours now as I'm working on a project, but I can't post with embedded images?? Just read on the trust level thing and I've been here for quite a while. really need image perms so I can ask for proper help because tying out the code blocks takes forever..

It takes some time for the forums to promote you, so please wait.

By the way, you should be eligible to be on TL 1, because your read time is now 30 minutes, as I see on your stats.

Now it said that I've reached the maximum amount of topics a new user can create on their first day, while this isn't my first day on here. I've been here multiple times a week for the past month. I have to wait 12 hours now I guess?

Wait, you're a basic user now (TL 1):
Screenshot 2024-03-18 192018

Great job!

I think the server shows that for everyone else, while as I'm logged into this account, I still see the same stats of 14 minutes

okay well besides that. Do you know how to make this work?

set [green light] to {[(pen RGBA)] = [list (0, 255, 0)]}

I'm basically trying to make it so that when the color green is detected, it'll act out whatever I have for my if-statement:

if [green light]. but I don't think I'm using the set block properly.

The alpha is required for the getter RGBA, so you need 4 entries for it to work. You need to append "255" onto the list then:

You may also wanted to place it like this:

Then do this on the if condition:
untitled script pic (20)

this is the script for the car sprite, as the traffic light sprite is using the set greenlight script

also a thing about the RGBA list which needs the Alpha included; it seems that when setting the pen RGBA, it works with just the RGB, no alpha.
CleanShot 2024-03-18 at 21.46.59@2x
That's how I initially set it up, because it seems that after I add the Alpha number, my drawing gets messed up.

edit: figured out that I have to put 255 at as the 4th number for every RGBA I want as a fully opaque color.

By the way, you can get images of scripts by right clicking the script, and then clicking script pic. The benefit of using script pics is that, well, they look better (no background), and you can actually drag and drop them into snap to get the script.

ahh good to know

do you know any possible solution to this though?

I see one thing that is wrong, although I'm not sure if it's the solution to your problem. You have repeat until ([color] light) blocks, and you put the variable directly in the slot. Since the variable is a script, you need to stick it in a call block, the same way you did with the if blocks.

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