My Quality Mario Sprites Remake

I remade my sprites that are for use in Snap! 4.0 and newer.
Mario Luigi Yoshi

The sprites look good, but could you please fix the palette? Both should have a white skin for their faces and hands, a hat colour, and another colour for their clothes. Mario has red and brown, but Luigi has white and green, so his hat is white. Fire Mario/Luigi has a white hat and red clothes. The sprites should also be the same size and shape because they are just different palettes.

did you see those sprites of Mario and Luigi that i made?
Mario Luigi
Those are actually based off of Super Mario World sprites.
Just compare my Mario sprite to the Mario sprite used in Super Mario World:
Mario Mario SMW
See? Totally similar.
Also, the sprites your talking about are the ones from Super Mario Bros!
I'm not going to change that.

Oh. Luigi has a green hat in SMW because SMB2A is completely unrelated to the super mario series. Why is luigi taller? He isn't in SMW.

@spaceelephant, here's the comparison:

Comparisson vfgfb rbgrfbgsr
The Leftmost Luigi is from the Original Release of Super Mario World.
Next to the Leftmost Luigi is the Luigi from the Super Mario Allstars + Super Mario World compelation.
Next to the Luigi from the Super Mario Allstars + Super Mario World compelation is the Luigi from Super Mario Advance 2.
And finally, the rightmost luigi is from the Super Mario World style from Super Mario Maker 2.

Also, as your reward, i made these sprites down here that are also for use in Snap! 4.0 and newer.
8 Bit Mario 8 Bit Luigi