My public page: label / traffic light


I was discussing about "public page/collections" and related with that, I would like to ask if it's possible to show in the public page a label like "snippet" or "game" or "story"...

And a traffic light? It would be useful to know if a project is finished or not before clicking it... Red: not finished (by default); Yellow: work-in-progress; Green: finished

Thank you in advance!

Hi, Rita.

If you mean something like a tagging system for projects, nope, there isn't one (yet).

The site is going to be launched with not many more features than the ones you see now. It's already been a huge undertaking and we don't want to add too much more stuff to our plates. As it is now, I'm sure we'll be finding a truckload of bugs when we go public, so it's better to stick to a controllable set of features for the moment.

Once we've released (please join me in my prayers to the gods of bureaucracy), we'll start thinking on new features.

Lack of funding is also an issue. The funding we got to roll out the community site is long spent and gone, and we've been working on the site just out of unconditional love to Snap since then.

Thank you for all the work you already did :heart_eyes:
I really appreciate all the time, effort and love you put in all of this. For me, more than a bunch of bits, Snap! is a beautiful piece of art that can empowers people in unimaginable ways. And the world will see that soon.

Good luck with burrocrazy :woozy_face:

Green and yellow, maybe, but if it's red, just don't publish it! :slight_smile:
Did you mean "snippet" per project? Because we do have project notes (in the File menu).

Maybe red could be "I need some help"... (and somewhere you can describe what you want to do but you can't). Another way to help each other...

I like project notes and the labels will come soon or later. Thanks for asking :slight_smile: