My project is running correctly in the code editor, but not in the webplayer

I'm doing an animation that includes sprites scrolling across the screen to make it look like a background. When I run the animation in the Snap! code editor, my entire project runs correctly, but when I shared the project and tried to run it in the webplayer, two of the sprites, which are almost exact copies of each other run off the screen, instead of looping around like they do in the code editor. Any solutions or input would be helpful, thanks!

can we see the project?

You've never published it, it's not on your public page, so we can't see whats wrong

Sorry, I never realized that I forgot to publish it, you can check now. The issue is that the trees don't loop around in the webplayer, but they do in the code editor.

Where do we find your project?

nowhere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sprite positions may be the fraction. In a Comunity Site View, tree is placed at 49.9999999.

Wheels on the Bus script pic (1)

and since thetree's y position never changes, you could do it like this ig

Thank you, I guess the issue was the webplayer putting the sprites not exactly at y = 50