My professional picture editor, not for children

my professional advanced image management tool like photoshop alternative, no intuitive to childrens

Isn't this just the Scratch 1.4 picture editor?


yes it's that, it’s ironic, it’s an answer to a person, who he says Snap is for kids and not my image editing tool, so I show my tool

why I use Scratch, because according to this person, it would not be intuitive for young people to remove the antialiasing from bitmap images editor in order to bypass a bug with the fill of color that crop the
other colours,

his answer put me off because it has to be intuitive, that my programs to modify images are complex etc...

I can indeed say that @gego51's projects are VERY Heavy, though they do make it easy to understand from a broad level

also Snap! isnt just for kids its for anyone, and so the picture editor is fine, i dont mind it

the picture editor of snap not really fine, you can't zoom, and you can't see pixels of pictures, it's great for a quick drawing, but not for modify a picture as fill transparancy white parts in little texture, in my minecraft clone, all my pictures are imported, I can't create 16*16 pixels picture on snap

i'm a child and i perfectly understand this

I'm 13 and I can understand this..

It's supposed to be sarcasm.


I don't think it's helpful to start a second thread on the same topic when a discussion is still in progress on your first thread.