My new Snap account is a student account?

When I logged into my new Snap! account, @mr_owlsss owlsss, I got a message some where along the lines of this:

(this is a recreation using a bookmarklet)
The thing is, I signed up with my personal gmail, not my school like this account is.

Oh my lord. I tried replying to this post on that account and now its suspended

This also happened to @mr_owlssssnap for "typing to quickly on a new account"

Hold up, what? Why is this a thing?


Friend, remind this: @cycomachead is the Snap!'s cloud administrator :thinking: and bh is an emeritus professor to learn the capabilities of Snap! and mathematics with he. :tuit:
Oh, and remind @bromagosa too! :face_with_monocle:

Oh i pinged him because jens doesnt like being pinged and i dont know anyone else

I'm a fine person to ask about this, but there's no need to ping any of us because we all read the forum, some sooner than others, and if something needs a specialist answer we call the posts to each others' attention. I can't speak for the others, but I never read my forum messages; there are way too many of them. So pinging me doesn't actually help.

The forum software has several checks for new accounts being possible spammers. If you edit your profile before reading or writing any actual posts, maybe your profile is an ad for your commercial web site. If you type your first post really fast, maybe you're a computer program rather than a human being.

That is not a student account. I dunno, maybe it once was and someone else fixed it before I read this, but it's not a student account now.

i think we do it because it makes us feel better or something

huh, weird

maybe you should add a check for like small 5 letter words?

We're unlikely to put effort into that. I don't think it has a lot of false positives.

it false positived for me twice T_T

can you at least unhold it?

I've lost track; which account?


OK done.

also you should screenshot your total amount of notifications and post it

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