My New Project

Hey! I've just shared and published my first project! It would mean a lot if you checked it out. You don't have to though. :slight_smile:!

the link does not work :neutral_face:

:thinking:Did you rename the project after sharing? The link doesn't work.

My guess was right, probably. This is the working link-!
Edit: This is a forum bug. The exclamation mark in the link is not considered as a part of it.

Cool art, by the way. :wink:

Nice. But too fast for an old guy like me.

I have one tiny suggestion for improvement. After the first time, to start the game again you have to click the green flag that's above the stage and near the right. So the paddle appears at the top in the corner and it takes a while to get it down to somewhere useful. I think it'd be better to have a start button near the bottom center of the stage.

Great idea! It might take a while for me to implement those suggestions, but I will try to add them!

Also, thanks for checking out the project!

Whoops! Sorry about that!

Oh, that is weird that the exclamation point isn't considered. But thanks for the working link!

Actually never mind! That is not the working link. I will rename the project so that it does not include the exclamation point.

AAAAGHH Never mind. It won't let me share the renamed file. (Note: Not a Snap! bug. It's my computer, not the site.) Just add an exclamation point after the Pong part.