My new game: Bouncing

project link


Exit the rectangle

Point in a direction and click !

You have to bounce exactly (not over) the level number to open the door and exit.

No extra bounce allowed !

The programming challenge in this project is to bounce inside a shape.

If the shape borders are all horizontal or vertical, you can figure out how to do it with just a little simple geometry; an advanced version of the challenge would be to work with arbitrary-slope borders.

The game (as opposed to the programming) looks hard! Can you do it for all level numbers?

Probably not... (by the way, it's an infinite level game)
Levels 1-9 are easy
I reach level 16 in about 10 min (?)

I will add a feature to collect some stats and the angle to resolve a level so we can redo a level on demand. I'm curious to see if differents browser are giving same results

To pass the harder level, you need very precise direction. A 2-degree error after 10 bounces gives you a substantial miss. So some form of precise adjustment will be nice.

Level 6 is solved only with an exact 179-degree shot.

did you notice:


Those blocks are rounding the result !

2 new blocks:


Hi, @joecooldoo, does your snapcloud server in in function ?

If you agree, i want to use it in this project

What do you plan on using it for?

just collect stats after a level is completed, have you limited space/request ?

No, it's old outdated code.