My new attempt at making snap faster

the reason I did that is because I don’t know how to do the advanced stuff you do

1: thanks
2: I was really confused because they where actually the main culprit in what was making the code break so often, instead of making a new object it would set the values of every object to the ones input. And would also make the list 4 by 4 for no reason

oh i had no idea I used to make my own for loops before I knew how they worked

Also, read the changelog!

Any ideas?

I think I know a way I can make layering, lemme cook
I’ll do any ideas you have when I finish it (shouldn’t take too long)

Yeah it was really easy
Because the sprites are drawn from the list systematically, all I had to do was first reverse the order the sprites are drawn in
This makes it so the first item the highest layer and last item is the lowest.

then make the blocks that set the layers move items around in the list

It was really simple

I was going to make every statistic a sprite could have
be added to this
example: ghost effect

I think I can do that making use of 3d lists

I just figured out how to do that look at my code

just set to ghost effect of the sprite to a value in the list before it stamps


So what now hmmmm

im going to add other effects as well as clones

also how did you make those arrow things work

reminds me at my atempt to make a one sprite game :~)

i've tried to do that many times and there was always an obstacle
like how to see if a clone is touching another clone
so this was kinda trying to make one sprite games easier

well it was only a few clones and pen

that sounds like a cool idea i think ill try that challenge

you should play it and give your thoughts

its really cool but i don't know what im saposed to do

i did that