My mqtt based cloud database


so it doesn't have a 5 minute time out anymore?

From the beginning, we've been bending over backward not to do anything that could become even a hint of a popularity contest. So there's zero chance of us adopting that part of @joecooldoo's proposal, and he knows that. So I took that part of his proposal as a joke, and responded in kind. Yeah, jokes are never funny when explained, sorry.

AND the concept that cloud variables are stored for longer than those from other projects based on the project's popularity is nonsensical and absurd, if all projects start from Ground Zero.


Unfortunately, because you're making Cloud Variables off of a previously existing MQTT Library...there's no way that this "library" will be implemented. Plus, it doesn't work, as Joecooldoo stated.

MQTT simply isn't used for storage (I'll try to keep my cool and I'll try to explain again), but it's rather used to short temporary messages. Think of it as like Instagram Stories. You can only view them for 24 hours, but once the 24 hours is finished, unless the Instagram Story is archived, there's no way of seeing that ever again.

Same for MQTT. If you store a single value on MQTT, chances are, it'll be overridden if you store another value on the same topic.

Another issue of your Cloud Variables: There could be some redundant and overused names like "PlayerX" and "PlayerY" which could raise some issues. For example, if I'm making a Multiplayer Game with those cloud variables and those names, and another person makes another Multiplayer Game with said cloud variables and same names, that could raise a few issues.

Yeah it’s just annoying and redundant.

I’m also not saying they are bad but there’s definitely better ones than this. It kinda brings down a lot of games

This should be renamed to, well I’m not sure but this absolutley is not a cloud engine

I do think it is possible to make some sort of cloud like engine if you check to see if a users saved data is different from yours and then set all other users data to that of the most recent time stamp, this way it’s very difficult for a message to slip through the scratch as any user who is viewing the project at the same time as the user who sent/recived the message will now have the message, then if the first user leaves and another one joins that new user will take the data from the second user etc etc, basically making it spread like a virus. The only way that a message can slip through is if a message is sent and then none of the users who receive it ever log back on to the project

Oh well, now these days everyone knows that "The Greatest" is just blatant false advertising ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I renamed the post

are you talking to me or..?
(you quoted my post)

No, I wasn't.

that’s why I have a cloud database name that you set at the start

I don’t think this should be called cloud database, instead it should be instance storage. Because it’s not cloud

It's not cloud though. MQTT is not the same as Cloud.

Let's not get hung up on words :slight_smile:

Cloud just means someone else's computer :slight_smile:

If it's using an MQTT broker to store data, then calling it a cloud database sounds OK to me :slight_smile:

The thing is: it doesn't. It doesn't work. I've tried.

I think working/not working is a different issue compared to whether a broker can be used as a "cloud" database

I was just defending the concept of a broker being able to be used as a cloud database. :slight_smile:



Your code seems to be more complex that it needs to be and so, TBH, I'd basically start again.

Keep it simple to just matching up your cloud variable names to a sub-topic (do you know about sub topics?) of your main topic

And completely scrap the x/y stuff :slight_smile: (I've no idea what that is about!)

the x and y things are how I find variables and allow people to have names for the variables they kinda help make the whole thing work

also I have no clue what sub topics are