Is it possible to make a global server on snap?

@cybersteve547 well you could try my cloud database blocks I’ve been wanting someone to try them out
link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

We've told you multiple times: they don't work. MQTT doesn't work that way. What you are doing is you are sending a message (let's use a slip of paper as an analogy), and sending it to a server online. That server reads that message, and keeps it till you access it.

Once you send another message, that previous message goes away. That piece of paper gets thrown into the recycling. It's gone.

What YOU are doing is you are using local storage to "remember" these messages, which works out as well as saying, "Oh, I remember that song! I forgot its name but I remember listening to it in '84 or something." to a piece of Lostwave. It's not helping in the search, and, for MQTT, it ain't helping in finding the previous messages.

I believe that @codegang project doesn't work properly but with MQTT if someone publishes a message to a broker and sets it to be retained (remembered), then anyone subscribing to that message will be given a copy of it.

Until the message is overwritten by a new message.

mqtt has a retaining feature so it works just like cloud variables

But unfortunately, your project (last time I looked) doesn't use the feature correctly

how can I fix it

Wrong place to ask that

I've replied on original thread

There’s not ways of getting the project as a file so I don’t think you could

If you make your own way of encoding the project then sure you could totally upload them to a custom site you host

Unfortunately, this place ain't the right place to ask that question. Besides, I don't think there's any way to fix it...but who am I to tell people off, I don't know how to use MQTT either!

MQTT or otherwise, you may not use Snap! cloud storage for anything other than your saved projects. Sorry to be mean about it, but we pay money for that storage; you don't. If you want to get a Dropbox account or something like that, and build a fileserver using it, more power to you.

As a separate point, you may not use Snap! or non-Snap! sites that you announce here to hold conversations with each other not moderated by us. I know this is frustrating, not least to me. And I know that we can't really stop you from talking with each other. But we can't afford to be the reason you have such conversations, nor the means by which you set them up. The whole business is stupid and driven by baseless fears, but, sorry, you folks have the misfortune to have been born in the 21st Century.

I use Snappers :slight_smile:

On scratch I used remixers but because this is Snap! and not scratch Snappers sound like the best way to do that I might use snappers from now on (i know off topic)

Yeah, that'll work in this context; I was hoping for a more general synonym for no-gender-implied "guys."

Some people say "folks" rather than "you guys."

Yeah, I like "folks," thanks.


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i do have a pfp. discourse doesn't want to show it

I though the pfp was a white screen tbh