My (late) Valentine's Day E-Card!

Here is my (late) Valentine's Day E-Card! (click link)
Valentine's Day E-Card by feketetcool
Let me know what you think! :grinning:

p.s. does it go into the topic of the month?

This is nice!

yeah but it depends if you wanna put it in the topic of the month collection

Well, yeah it'd be nice!

Who is the admin that can put it up there?

You can't put it in the "Love" collection yourself by going to the project and press "Add to collection" and then selecting "Love"?

Oh yes! Thanks! I had never before realized that you can do this yourself! However, a few weeks ago I had a message on the snap! forum that only the administrators can put people's projects into the Topic of the month collection! :star_struck: