My first fractal (kinda)

i made a fractal, i call it the 'kaj fractal'
(it kinda is a fractal, its my first try so it might not be one)

Cool, keep it for Christmas !
why you don't share the code ?

heres the code

That's not a fractal, since it does not zoom indefinitely, instead this is just art. But this is a cool art.

theres no way to zoom in snap

Someone's done it. I've seen someone do it, I think it was a node editor.
Yeah, it was Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

By cornelios207, it's changing a variable named camera zoom by changing the scale with math. So it is possible. Wether or not it'd work on a fractal however, remains to be seen, but as it's just changing a camera variable, I don't see why not.

Okay, you're starting at using turtles to draw some line art.

Any idea where the name idea '''kaj fractal''' was originated from?

kaj means pine in persian

and the fractal looked like a pine tree