My brand new game cloud clicker

in cloud clicker you can click the cloud and everyone who's playing the game's score will change
but every time someone clicks the flag and starts a game everyone's score gets reset
link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks


just to add a challenge aka something annoying

That's not a good idea.
Just to play, you have to click the flag; the score will always be zero when you start the project.
This doesn't even save to the cloud, you are using MQTT, a message-based system.
You are also using MQTT improperly; you should use a unique topic name instead of a common topic name like reset. Also, for a project like this, you don't need to communicate data between two topics, just one. Also, you only need to update the score if someone makes a change, instead of updating every second. But when someone does make a change and they are using an auto-clicker, you can start updating the score maybe every 2 seconds or so until the user stops clicking, so you don't flood the server with requests.

Good game idea, though.

Ok I’ll upgrade the game and remove the reset

But I added it to be a challenge in the game so you have to hope someone isn’t going to join I just liked the challenge how about you can turn the reset off

Surprisingly, it works! I wish Scratch's Cloud Variables would be sort of like this.
Scratch's Cloud Variable System trips me up sometimes...mainly because sometimes the variable doesn't change at all.


i found out that if you stick a cloud variable in a broadcast block and run it in a forever loop itll change