My amazing 2d pvp game

i got inspiration from rounds to make this game and ive worked hard to make it fun
let me know what you think

the idea looks cool, but when i saw the code, i wondered if it was necessary to have that many variables (46) and custom blocks (32) (even my screen wasn't tall enough to fit them all in a screenshot)

i can't read what is said by the blue circle
and i don't know what kind of mods can i enable and how to enable them

it seems like you have already used that movement script in other games before, but it still has a bunch of problemsproblems,

  1. i can litteraly fly
  2. i can't move left or right while jumping, only while falling or on ground
  3. if i start moving in one direction, my only way to stop is by using the stop button or by jumping, which is super inconvenient
  4. the way the player reacts to collisions is so basic that i can just move through walls

btw, using a billion "forever" loops, with each having an "if < >" block in it isn't very optimized

i know
i made this like 6 mounths ago
my main goal right now is to optimize and improve everything

i like this game
it reminds me of an old project I made

I’m glad you like it
I hope to update it and make it much more fun