Multiplayer Tic-Tac-Toe! (Online)

Recently, I've been working on an online tic-tac-toe game in snap! (using the MQTT blocks)
And it's finished! When you run the project, it sits at a screen saying "waiting for opponent..." until another player runs the project, then both are connected to a different lobby to play.
To play, once connected, there is a status indicator saying if it is your turn to place down an x or an o (both if you are an x or an o and if you go first are randomized.) If it is your turn, click a blank square, and it will turn to a square of what character of what charcter you are. (there is a character indicator in the bottom left corner.)
Also, if any of you are curious, the reason why the characters, and blank spaces are surrounded by a picture of my cat, it's because this tic-tac-toe game started as an inside joke between a few of my friends.
Happy playing!

(edit: and yes, this is an actual picture of my cat, their name is steve!!)
(second edit: oops accidentally used theyre instead of their)

Wow, that's exciting! NetsBlox Junior. :~)

i've play against my self and i win !

cool game!