Multiplayer Game

Some multiplayer game I made using some blocks I made.

(FYI, it can take a few seconds to start depending on if the server went into idle mode)

Server Source Code:

One of the player's in the game is a bot that spins randomly and moves up and down, of course other people have to be playing for you to see others.

Edit: I guess I should also add that this was just to see if it was actually possible to implement a form of multiplayer. I doubt this is optimized in the slightest, and I'm also new to Snap! so I'm sure it could be better, thanks!

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@topgamerpro16 @coconut104 you should try to create something like this for your multiplayer game (don't use the Uni Göttingen server).

How do you play it? I can't move using WASD....

Nice! Using for the server is a best practice we should recommend to users who want to build chat apps and the like.

Now we just need to run a Snap! instance there and teach it to be a server...


How did u make anti-chrat system?

anti-cheat? if so, there is none. this is merely an example to show that multiplayer is capable inside of Snap!.