Multicolor when block

random idea i had. basically:
when <> :: hat control
when <sprite moving? :: motion> :: motion hat
when <pen down? :: pen> :: pen hat
when <i feel like it? :: grey> :: grey hat

I like it!

Honestly a neat idea would be that its color would change to the color of things most used in the boolean slot? Like:

untitled script pic

would be operator colored since it uses mostly operator blocks.

untitled script pic (1)

would be motion colored, since it uses mostly motion blocks.

EDIT: Scratchblocks example..

[scratchblocks] when <([sqrt v] of (this)) = [5]> :: operators hat [/scratchblocks]

[scratchblocks] when <(x position) = (y position)> :: motion hat [/scratchblocks]

Or if manually specified it could be anything you choose, like how I think this post was originally intended to be...

Ah. I was about to post these dev mode screenshots but then you edited to include the scratchblocks
Also, that seems like it would be hard to implement, and I don't know why you would want blocks to be colored differently than their category anyway.

I feel like it would be somewhat more organized.. you could tell what it is designed around. Like if it's blue you can tell it's mainly checking motion blocks, lots of motion stuff...

It's an entertaining idea, but kind of disrespects WHEN's identity as a block in its own right. Imagine a new user remixing a project, seeing a blue WHEN block, and then being confused when they can't find it in the Motion category.

Or do this thought experiment: You read in the forum that someone has proposed to color the SAY block to match the thing being said:
untitled script pic
and so on. Would you approve?

Ohhhh... I suppose you're right.. Why not put something that indicates it originates as a control block? Or- just have it still be yellow but indicate its primary function as a line on the side or something..

As for the blue say block, that just looks wrong..

er... this was initially an attempt to resolve the custom hat block issue. maybe make it so this only happens when a custom block is put in the slot??

"something that indicates it originates as a control block"
tried making a concept for that but it looks painful

You inspired me to write a new FAQ:

Oh! Shoulda said so... That's a step up from "cool feature," but the proposed solution doesn't really solve the alleged problem (we've never found this a pressing concern) because there wouldn't be a palette hat block for that Boolean expression!

well dang that hurt sorry. i just wanted to put the idea out there, i'm not trying to force anybody to put it in as a feature, it was just a concept...

Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Just, most feature requests we get, we reject instantly for similar reasons. I don't even want to discourage such requests, really, since once in a long while a really good one comes along, that would really solve a problem users are having.

It would be cool but what’s the point? (Don’t mean to be rude)

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