Multi-condition "wait until" block

I just made a multi-condition "wait until" block that allows you to check for multiple conditions and see if they are true!

Multi-condition "wait until" block: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

untitled script pic - 2022-01-03T232030.842

Doesn't work.

untitled script pic (2)

Passing a list to WAIT UNTIL doesn't work, because lists are truthy, and WAIT UNTIL can't be hyperized

That wasn't my code.

Then who made it?

It's a MODIFIED version of my code. It wasn't my real code.

Who modified it?

I think dardaro did it. This block is NOT in my library.

Yes it is??

Hm...prove it.

Its the only block there!

The block is meant to work only if the situations are true.

But if false, they should wait. But your block doesn't work.

Look at @dardoro's script:

It uses your block! When you create a script variable, the default is 0. And he never set it to anything else. So variables a and b are equal to 0. Your block is SUPPOSED to wait until they equal 10. But they don't. They simply continue. If your block used correct code, the script shouldn't report at all!!

it's because after the for loop a (or i)=11 and b (or e)=11 (not 10!!!)

I just fixed it: Snap! 7.0.2 - Build Your Own Blocks