MS-DOS Simulator

Type help for a list of commands.

Items in brackets are optional.

cd - Navigate to a folder.
Syntax: cd file\path\to\folder
rd - Remove empty folders in the current directory.
Syntax: rd
dir - Shows all files and directories on the virtual drive.
Syntax: dir [file\path\to\folder]
md - Creates a new directory on the virtual drive.
Syntax: md file\path\to\folder
echo - Prints the defined text.
Syntax: echo text goes here
del - Deletes a folder or file from the virtual drive.
Syntax: del file\path\to\folder\or\file
restart - Resets the virtual drive.
Syntax: restart
cls - clears the screen.
Syntax: cls
vsafe - Loads data protection program to memory.
Syntax: vsafe
ics - Import a custom script.
Syntax: ics [delall]

Don't execute virus. Seriously, don't. (It's easy to recover though.)

Three beeps mean that the computer isn't accepting input.

What do you think? What should be added? Should I continue working on this? Let me know!



i like it !

can you add: DIR, CD, MD, RD, DEL

I want a "HELP" command.

I want the "echo" command as that's pretty much all me and my brother did back in 2020 when my parents got their old computers out. It had MS-DOS, and I didn't know much about it, until I searched on Youtube or something like that. I used to play around with it, and make a notepad file with ".bat" at the end, and make .bat games.

Batch file?

Yeah, that's it!

I have no idea what format batch files are stored in. (probably binary, but...)

Restart. >:)

I just deleted the localstorage "PermStore" with the command PRIMITIVE block.

Good! You figured it out.

I added the command.

I looked at the scripts, and found out that you were storing the "MommyVirus" folder in the "PermStore" key.

Fun fact: My old Windows 7 computer's McAfee antivirus thought the BSOD file was a virus! (It deleted it and then whenever it crashed it would only show a black screen)



Blue Screen Of Death. It appears whenever Windows crashes.

Right. When did Windows first have it?

Windows 1.0

Back when only DOS existed it would just freeze. Pressing CtrlAltDel would restart the computer. Sometimes even a hard reset (Shut off and then turn back on the computer manually via the physical button) would be needed.

Hmm... What versions were there between the two?

I'm not sure, you'll need to look it up.