MRAD Berret

MRAD Berret heavy duty sniper, .50 CAL.

MRAD Berret

[SPACE] To shoot, auto reloads.

Scratch Original [Better Quality]


It would be cool if you could aim with a viewfinder


But it is not a first person project. Yes it would be cool tho.

Also if you want to see the rest of these projects, go here:

@mr_owlssssnap2 ^



In case if I would like to use your code for particular sniper rifle in my game -- may I take it and in the credits part write your name/nickname from the forum?

yes, in fact, you don't have to ask, just give credit. That goes for anything.

Yep! Just use credits! I would appreciate a link so I can see the project when it’s done:p

This isn't true at all. There are some exceptions, like if they say "you can use this code with credit" some where in there, but you have to ask.

You could ask if you don’t need credit. You could also be polite and ask if the person didn’t want you to use it at all.

That too

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