MQTT safe chat!

MQTT safe chat!

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problem. i can send a phone number. 2 no i dont want that in my server

but whats the point if i cant say what I want to say?
i know its not allowed to build a fully fledged chatroom with no filter but still

The plan is to have a lot of options.

gonna need a ui redesign if youre going to have lots of options. its a pain to click through each option until I find something.

in my oppinion. if enough of us start making cloud systems we might be able to push for a safe text system

wdym cloud systems

a problem with that is that if you string different phrases together it could mean something bad

like the server i just made. we need to start implimenting it into games

what server? what are you talking about?

they should just enable comments on the project page

they plan to do that but they have other things on their plate

ik. they need more devs

github is a thing :slight_smile:


The github, which contains Snap!'s source code, is public, meaning that anyone can see the source code and request chamges to it.

there should be a cooldown, to stop spam

also i can send binary

This reminds me so much of a chatroom that was prevalent back in the 1990's (and still kinda is prevalent, only it's used by people who do underground operations like drug dealing and stuff) called Usenet. I like the concept of your chatroom, but to be honest...hmm