MQTT chat?

In theory would it be allowed to have a MQTT chat if the content is filtered

What do you mean by "filtered"?


Wow, didn't have to be that abrupt.

But you could have some predefined messages you can send, like you can have some buttons to say things, like one to say "hello" or another to say "goodbye" and so on.

It's been discussed many, many, many times. The answer is no.

Any kind of free chat is banned, no matter how it's made, whether it's mqtt or http requests.

so if i made a chatting project where you can only say :lambda: is unallowed?

so, then all chatting projects will get you warned, banned, fined, wanted, put in jail and executed (ignore the last part)

that would fall under

That would be fine, because you're not letting users type whatever they want. That's also kind of a funny idea.

what if i make a chatting project

but it shuffles the letters, converts them into unicode and multiply the unicode number by 1 to 100 and convert it back so you cant understand what other people are saying and when you try to translate it, you cant

(like, the chat now speaks wingdings)

its like one of those unscramble things lol

I don't think that wohld be allowed either.

Also, can you stop trying to find a loophole? It should be very clear what is and isn't allowed when it comes to cloud chat projects.

Any kind of free chat projects are not allowed, but preset messages are.

Of course it also comes down to how the project is made. If the project has preset messages, but the full message is sent through the cloud, then that's not allowed, because it can be abused. It has to send some kind of arbitrary value, like a number, that maps to the message in something like a list.

tldr; no chat projects

ugh, fine