Moving diaporama

Here's my new project !

I was inspired by this youtube video...


pretty cool!

Beautiful effect!

The code gives me a headache, though. I keep thinking it would be easier if there were five full-width picture sprites, five associated frames, and a way to display the AND of the costume and the frame. Wouldn't that work?

At the beginning, I had started the work with 3 sprites (image, frame, canvas). But I thought it was fun to do it with a single sprite: here's the result!

Thank's, i like it too !

I think your project was really cool! Nice job on it I was really amazed by it!

I added some comments to the code

Better! I kind of understand how it works. I'm impressed at how simple it is to code that effect of the picture moving within its frams. That's what really makes it fun to watch, I think.

(Otoh, I always tell my students "any time I'm tempted to add a comment to my code, I rewrite it instead to be less clever." :~P )

Your project are crazy cool, what a hack this is! Thanks for sharing.