Move variable watchers on a specific x y position

I want to make variable watchers go to a specific position using a single block.

I'm not sure I completely understand what you want to do, but it sounds like you should just have one variable containing a two-item list.

I'm pretty sure you're asking for a block that moves variable watchers to a position on the stage. This is not possible without javascript. I remember, there was a topic a few years ago (2019? 2020? idk) that talked about this, and a 2 people made scripts to do it (including @bh, or at least he shared a script). I have no idea if the scripts still work though.

Do you remember the Javascript?

To get around this issue, I made a text to costume reporter that can be used with a sprite to turn sprites into controllable watchers

I used it in my Mayflower project and it might be useful to you in yours

untitled script pic (51)

Contains other blocks to let you customise how they look

I also made pen variable watchers: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Very nice :slight_smile:
Equivalent using my blocks is

Pen Variable Watchers script pic

adding costume from command transform it into a costume... Don't affect pentrails!
variable watcher

a little bit slowly, but cool blocks

Yes - I don't actually use them in a forever loop like that without waits - they are fine for things that don't change quicky

If I just made them into one block like @joecooldoo , I could make it run faster but I like to keep the flexibility :slight_smile:

Noice! This is perfect for my lazy self, thank you so much!

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