Move ''if <>, then (), else ()'' to operators

please move ''if <>, then (), else ()'' to operators.untitled script pic

Why, exactly? It is in the control section because it is a control block. After all, it is the same thing as the command If-then-else block, except that it does not execute commands, it reports a value.

Why it should be in Control: the other if blocks are in Control
Why it should be in Operators: it does the same thing as the ternary operator

In many languages one can do the equivalent of an "if" operator using and, or, and not. E.g.

untitled script pic (2)

But in Snap! the values are coerced into boolean values.

One argument for the "if" operator to be in control is that it doesn't evaluate all its arguments - but then "and" and "or" should also be in control.

And many languages support "conditional operators" -

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