Motherlode (aka bad 2d minecraft)

game ive been working on for a bit. pretty much you can mine ores and other stuff by clicking on them (if they're in range) and you can craft stuff and get better tools and stuff

wait, does this use griffpatch's tutorial? i made a similar game on scratch using it, nice!

nah theres a tutorial on this?

wow nice deltav is here!!!!!!!
youre the one who made it to the simulations colection

ill try to make a minecraft 2d too[aborted---tainting is very bad]

are my simulators nice? rocket plane

yeah i have no clue how that bad rocket game made it to simulations but the better version didnt, but hello! the simulation looks alright but it feels slow (as in movement speed not fps).

your simulation feels too fast for me :slight_smile:

is this guy famous or something

hes on the front page

oh cool ig