Most recent poster block

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i cant figure out how to get the most recent post

Use "title", not "last_poster_username".

title doesnt get the latest post from within the most recent topic

You have to let the website itself update first.

Hold please. I'll try to figure it out.

I did. You have to set the highest "item _ of _" to "title" then let the URL be fully updated before running the block.


The "item _ of _" block with "last_poster_username" needs to be "title", and the URL itself needs to be fully up-to-date, with either a reload, or clicking anything that says "See x new or updated topic(s)".

thats not what we are trying to do. i want to get what the lat post inside the most recent post is. ex: it would return this comment

Oh. Woops, I thought you wanted the title of the post! Woops! Let me try something.

yeah i knew how to

I can't find anything about text, but WHOO-WEE! Lists within lists within lists!

I don't think it sends the post's contents from that $$\text{URI}$$. I don't know how to use Discourse's API, but I can find out!

Yeah, I know. There IS weirdness with nested lists, though!

there should be some way to receive it

I don't know if there is.

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From my Forum API project (has blocks by me and @joecooldoo).

No, POST, not poster.

not what im doing

To get the data from the recent post on the Forum:
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The content of the post is located at the key "cooked" of that list. The poster is located at key "username".