Morse code

Here's my new project: Morse code

Version 1.1

(this is not my finger)

its sentence not sentense

« ti » et « taah »

Interesting. I was taught "dit" and "dah." Sort of like how cats make different sounds in different languages. :~)

By the way, after making the list once, you can put it in a watcher, right-click it there, and choose "blockify" to get a big expression with nested calls to LIST, so you can set it all at once instead of using a zillion ADDs in your code. (But I'm glad you made that list instead of having a zillion nested IF/ELSE blocks!

The ti is too long, try setting it to .2

Sorry, i speak french... but i try...

if you want to run faster, just increase the tempo...


its ok, you don't have to be sorry because you speak a language

I added a slider for the tempo...

Thank's, it's a good idea... I made the fix !

Je vous en prie!

New version !

what does the update add?

cool project! 10/10


it writes the text in morse code.

r is .-. but the project says .-.-
. is .-.-.- but the project says . (which is e)
- is -....- but the project says - (which is t)

Thank you for the "r", an error

I have not yet translated the "." and the "_"...

It suddenly strikes me that it must be a little harder for French-speaking people to learn Morse than for English-speakers. I was taught mnemonics like "rePUBlic" for R (dit DAH dit) and "liBRARian" for L (dit DAH dit dit). But in French every word is accented on the last syllable, so you can't do that.