More variadic block inputs

if i can have one variable input, why not multiple?
same with upvars, the script variables block does it

Could you explain a bit more what your issue is with variable inputs?

variable inputs are just an example, many of the input settings aren't available with variadics
i'd want to be able to do something like this:

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You get a normal value when you get a normal upvar, right?


But what would you get when you try to refer to a variadic upvar? You can't exactly refer to the variable because you don't know it's name.

Like, if I asked it for "item (3) of (upvars)", what do I get? Not a variable, but a value.

Read this thread if you want...

Variadic upvars

upvar is (up...)
set [up v] to (list [] [] [])

if when the block exits the upvar isn't a list then it would give an error, the same as something like trying to get an item of a number

i'd think of it like an inverted call with input list

as for the use it would be useful for macro-like blocks, the two things i really want to create are:
let ((vars...)) = [vals...]
set [vars v] to [vals...]
these are good not just to make shorter code but because they can seperate lists into many named variables very quickly

things other than variables for the dropdowns could be useful for things like a block that does operations on many costumes, people will come up with things

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