More Updates? | - 1.0 Pre-Release 3


New Music!

Main Menu BG Updated

Pet Dog Fixed (no longer disapears behind buildings) also became dragable

Explore Texture Update

Enemy texture update

Faster Enemy Movement

The House Update Part 2,

Enemy Update,

Minor bug fixes,

Small texture update for certain things,

Quests are finally here, There is currently 1 quest!

yeah that's a lot of new stuff.

play it now!


(Edit: Website coming soon)

There's a glitch where if you trample on the AI's dead body he will be able to kill you too. (Well if you stand there long enough he will)

There's also a glitch where the AI could attack you even if you aren't in the Arena.

Come to think of it, don't think it's right to call it an "AI".

Thank you for letting me know! i will work on it right now!